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We are a private gallery that represents Latin American artists of various generations. Our special focus is in Cuba. A key area that we specialize in is the independent art that addresses social and political realities. We represent artists whose work embodies a longing for an open, tolerant and free society and culture, and who experience various forms of repression. Their art and their work is often a form of resistance to such restrictions. 

Through the art we exhibit and sell, we are committed to supporting the artists that are part of our resistArt group, and back up the causes they stand for.

Our goals is to make the art more accessible and easy to purchase; to back today’s brightest creative talents from Latin America and their causes; to raise awareness about problems of the societies of Latin American countries, and put in a spotlight the artists who long for an open and tolerant society and culture.  

Last but not least, we would like to change the reception of contemporary art that is considered by many people as inaccessible, difficult to understand, addressed only to a very narrow group of art lovers. 

We believe in female power – as the collective of three women from different cultural and professional backgrounds, we hope to contribute to a change. 


Who we are


Patrycja Satora

Graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow; experienced project and PR manager and fundraiser in NGOs; Polish consul in Caracas (Venezuela) 2009-2013;; co-author of the program “Solidarity with Cuba”; coordinator of the Film Contest Solidarity Shorts. Director and coproducer of two documentaries: “Alamar Express. El hombre nuevo” (2008) and “Heroes from Maggotty” (2012). In the years 2014 -2022 a Member of Board in Civil Development Forum. Currently, a co-founder and vice president of Public Finance Institute,  and a Member of the Council of SmogLab Foundation.

She lives and works in Warsaw.


Agnieszka Grątkiewicz

Graduated from Warsaw University; for 10 years the international project coordinator in Lech Walesa Institute; co-author of the first Polish program advocating human rights and democracy in Cuba “Solidarity with Cuba”; the author of the art in residence program for young Cuban artists (2012-2013); organizer of the first concerts in Poland of the Cuban dissident punk group Porno para Ricardo. Currently, a project manager in a real estate investment fund.

She lives and works in Warsaw.



Solveig Font Martinez

Graduated in socio-cultural studies from Havana University; an activist and independent curator who has previously worked in state art institutions such as UNEAC and Fábrica de Arte Cubano. She is the director and founder of the independent alternative space Avecez art space (2014-2021). She has curated exhibitions in Canada, Spain, USA, Mexico, Cuba and many more. Some of the latest projects she has been involved in are: Documenta fifteen, INSTAR public event; the “Obsession” Exhibition toured by the ENTRE gallery in Vienna, Austria, and the LAST CRIT gallery in Barcelona, Spain.

She lives and works in Madrid.


How we do it

Our collections are prepared by professional curators that have been working with Latin American artists and been active in the art market for a long time. We exhibit our collections in a digital viewing room but also organize exclusive presentations for clients that are interested in purchase. Additionally, we offer an advisory and preparation of a tailored offer comprised of works that meet preferences and budget of our clients. A percentage of sale profit is dedicated to the various social causes that support our artists and/or partners.
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