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Through the presented art we wish to raise awareness about imperiled societies of non-free countries of Latin America. You can find here the information about the overall situation in a certain country or region with a focus on artists’ independent scene.


Decree 349 and Independent Art Scene in Cuba

"The level of injustice and repression the Cuban government is imposing on its own people is reaching ever higher levels. The government not only exercises constant censorship over the artists, but in its actions to prevent and criminalize peaceful protest and dissent, now it has made the entire people of Cuba enemy of the state. As an artist and as a Cuban, I am very scared for the future of my country.”

It was in July 2018 when a newly designated president of Cuba announced Decree 349 – the law that revoked the regulations from the 90s which allowed cultural professionals in Cuba to produce their art independent of the state. Decree 349 was not only a reverse of the previous law, it not only censored artists, it imposed fines on them, allowed confiscation of privately owned materials and produced art if it was not authorized by the government. With the new law even alternative art spaces, such galleries in private homes, could be shut down by the state agency.
When the law went into effect in December 2018, independent artists all across the country started to protest becoming a prominent voice criticizing the lack of basic freedoms and human rights in Cuba. The movements such as San Isidro, 27N or Archipelago have organized mass demonstrations to demand end of censorship and repressions that many artists, writers, intellectuals faced.
The Cuban government has committed systematic abuses against independent artists, including arbitrary detention and abusive restrictions on movements and communications, such as house arrests and surveillance. Many artists were subject to arbitrary prosecutions, were sentenced to prison or were forced to stay in exile without being able to return to their homeland or show their art in Cuba.
Sin 349 is a documentary series of short videos promoting cultural rights in the young and emerging scene of the artistic and cultural field in Cuba.

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