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Colinas II

Colinas [Hills], 2019
Installation, version II
Laser engraving on stone plates
6 pieces, 20 x 30 cm each


In the project “Colinas” the administration of knowledge is understood through the expansions, contractions and discontinuities of the faculties and departments within the Havana University through out its history (1728-2017). The piece illustrates a research on the creation and elimination of those faculties and departments from the University. This information was depicted as intellectual landscapes that followed those moments of changes in the ideology and in the administration of higher education in Cuba. In these landscapes each field of knowledge is represented through a hill and its height is proportional to the number of students enrolled. Simultaneously each projected landscape is accompanied by the sound of speeches that defined the logic behind those shifts. Our motivation for this project is to understand the intellectual policies and how knowledge was and is administrated in our country.

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Product Name: Colinas II