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El país perdido

[The lost country], 2019
accordion book, 21 x 19 cm

The Lost Country is a satire of the grotesqueness of the dictatorial state. It is a raw metaphor of the oppressive and abject logic of totalitarian social engineering, which in the hyperbolization of its dehumanizing and inbred nature exposes the nonsense to which existence is condemned. The book describes a dystopia where classes are limited to rulers, guardians, and cattle. The former reproduce to generate offspring that, stripped of their will, converted into obedient cattle under the coercion of the guardians, are destined to feed them, perpetuating a vicious cycle of absurdity. The title of the work alludes to the social ruin resulting from the absence of freedoms (referring to Cuba), but also to the predestined self-annihilation of this kind of state, and the acceptance of historical ridicule as a possibility of reconstruction.
The lost country is an accordion book. Due the circular nature of the story, it is designed to unfold in space in the same way, connecting the beginning of the story with the end and showing inside an allegorical serial image of the corral that describes the tale.

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Product Name: El país perdido