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Ojos de hueso. Series 1


Installation #1, #4, #8, from the series Ojos de hueso, Series 1 [Bone eyes], 2022
sublimation photography printing / fabric and silicone
120 x 200 cm (each)
Edition 5/5



The eyes of chitons or marine cockroaches are made of the same material as their shell. In the act of self-protection, the eyes tend to break, however, new eyes are produced as a replacement. The chitons are the only molluscs that have thousands of bone eyes that emerge during their lives.
During the quarantine and militarization of Cuba, I carefully observed the marine cockroaches. At the same time, many of the country’s intellectuals and activists were under surveillance or detained. The vision became a luxury due to the movement restrictions that the state imposed on us. Then, we forcefully made bone eyes emerge, capable of informing us and protecting us at the same time. We have now begun to think through seawater.

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Product Name: Ojos de hueso. Series 1