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Siempre hay gente que me dice eso

Siempre hay gente que me dice eso [There are always people who tell me that], 2009-2017
Installation – visualization of data


Using packing tape, we designed a diagram that represents the performance of the Council of Ministers of Spain and Cuba (two countries where the piece has been exhibited). Each structure begins with an important administrative change in the political history of these places. In the case of Cuba 1959 with the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, in the case of Spain 1939, end of the Civil War. Each line represents a minister and each color corresponds to the amount of time that he was in office, following the scale of 1 year = 5 cm. The white color represents those ministers who have been in office for up to or more than 10 years. The image is abstract in principle, however, it allows us to have a panoramic vision of the operation that the administration has had in these countries and to establish a comparison. Every time the work is exhibited we design the diagram of the Council of a Ministry of a country in which it is shown, always keeping the diagram of Cuba as a reference.

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Product Name: Siempre hay gente que me dice eso