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b. 1995, Cuba  

is an independent artist. Her work focuses on the storytelling and documentation of social, historical and political imaginaries that subvert totalitarian narratives through individual memory. 

Lobón graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Camagüey in 2014, and received her BFA in 2019 from the University of Arts (ISA) in Havana. Currently, Lobón works as the coordinator of the Institute of Artivismo Hannah Arendt (INSTAR) in Havana. 

Lobón’s recent exhibitions include From a Rockefeller Fan to a Kruschev Follower, Havana, Cuba (2019); A qui de troi, La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, Montreal, Canada (2019); The Lost Country, Sometimes Art Space, Havana, Cuba (2019); Anima, Espacio Centeya, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2019); Long-eared Character, Center for the Development of Visual Arts (2018); and Another Sunrise on the Tropic, Reinbeckhallen, Berlin, Germany (2018), among others.

She lives and works in Madrid.



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