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How long have you been blind, an exhibition of Cuban independent art in Vienna

This is another exhibition curated by the collective Forma Foco and Entre art space in Vienna that is a part of the series CUBAN ART RESISTANCE.

How Long Have You Been Blind focuses on the current context of Cuba, in particular on the events of July 11, 2021, when the Cuban people staged the largest anti-government protests recorded since the revolutionaries took power in 1959. These mass demonstrations reflected the continued and growing discontent of Cubans, specifically regarding the Cuban Communist Party’s economic mismanagement, intolerance of dissent, and harsh restrictions on civic and political freedoms. The protests were violently suppressed, resulting in 1,878 arrests. As of the opening of the exhibition 1,052 Cubans remain in jail as political prisoners, and since 2021, more than 400,000 have emigrated to other countries.

How Long Have You Been Blind features the work of five Cuban artists, whose approaches find affinity with immersive technologies. One of the artist is Camila Lobón who presents her installation project Monument to be torn, 2023 (on the photo) that comprises of polaroid photos.

Forma Foco is a collective made up of  Lester Alvarez, Aminta D’Cárdenas, Julio Llópiz-Casal and Solveig Font. Its purpose is to make visible the creative talents of people discriminated for political, racial, sexual, gender, economic reasons and in situations of disability, with a special interest in Cuban culture marginalized by political power, both that developed in the country itself as well as in the different diasporas around the world.

ENTRE is an independent project space located in Vienna’s 7th district on Burggasse 24/4. Its programming is dedicated to fostering social and political understanding through the arts.

The exhibition is open until 20 January 2024.

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