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Nelson Jalil’s work in Dom Museum in Vienna

The work Algo vivo dentro de algo muerto [Something alive inside something dead] of Nelson Jalil can be seen in Dom Museum in Vienna [Austria] until August 27, 2023. 

Jalil’s installation, that is already a part of Dom Museum Wien Otto Mauer Contemporary collection, is featured in the exhibition  “The Meal” curated by Johanna Schwanberg. “Eating and drinking are basic human needs, but the shared meal has always been about more than mere food intake. Sensory pleasure and enjoyment, the foundation of communities, the representation of social status, and ritual acts are only a few aspects connected with meals. It is not surprising that art has always reacted to our ways of having a meal, to our chosen dishes and foods—by representing, analyzing, and abstracting, in both critical and ironic ways. Artworks from the Middle Ages to the present illustrate the community-building elements of meals—in families, at public events, and in political and religious contexts of different cultures.” – wrote the curator. 

The exhibition features works from the museum historical holdings and from the Otto Mauer Contemporary collection as well as works loaned from national and international collections. 


The Meal

Dom Museum Wien 

Stephansplatz 6

1010 Vienna 

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