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Solveig Font with a Fellowship from ARC and Pen International

We are happy to inform that our curator, Solveig Font, became a fellow of 2023 Cuban Migrant Artist Resilience granted by Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) and Pen International.

The Cuban Migrant Artists Resilience Fellowship provides artists with a resilience grant of 7,000 USD and six months of personalized individual virtual training and professional development to support their unique artistic needs and aspirations. Artists will establish robust networks with the global artistic community, fostering collaborations and connections that transcend geographical boundaries. At the end of the fellowship, members will be invited to present their work, providing a valuable opportunity to share their creative visions with a broad audience.

Solveig Font Martinez is an independent curator and activist with an academic background in Sociocultural Studies. In 2014, she founded Avecez Art Space, an independent art space in her home. Until her exile in 2021, this place hosted more than 20 exhibitions, as well as workshops and conferences. She fought against the restrictive Decree No. 349 and is a member of the group 27N, which advocated for artistic freedom and human rights. She was arrested during the popular demonstration on July 11, 2021. Additionally, she is one of the founders of the Forma Foco collective and a curator at Resistart Gallery. Her upcoming exhibitions include “On the New: Viennese Scenes and Beyond”, ALIBI, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vienna, Belvedere21, and “How Long Have You Been Blind”, at the ENTRE gallery, as part of Vienna Art Week 2023. Both exhibitions are curated by Forma Foco + ENTRE gallery.

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