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is a contemporary Cuban artistic duo working together since 2004 in Cuba and elsewhere exploring video, installation, performance as ways of recording and documenting their artworks which are characterized by a strong conceptual and political concern.
They examine the political administrative and economic situation in different cities using the information found in the location and creating conditions to express a critical vision of backward norms which they recreate and provoke intensely. They try to investigate the laws and regulations to discover the point where good and evil, legal and illegal become a creative medium.
Celia González and Yunior Aguiar both graduated from Higher Institute of Art (ISA) in Havana. Their artworks were featured, among many, in the exhibition “Nido sin árbol” in the Union Architects and Construction Engineers of Cuba (UNAICC) in Havana; in the Biennial of New Talents in Cologne, Germany; the Biennial of Lyon Rendez-vous 15 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Villeurbanne, France. They were also part of the Cuban Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale.




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