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Camila Lobón and Nelson Jalil in Proj3ct of Zapata Gallery

Camila Lobón’s and Nelson Jalil’s artworks are presented today in Zapata Gallery (Miami, USA) as a part of Project 3 (Proj3ct). Curated by Rodolfo de Athayde, Proj3ct is a presentation of three individual exhibitions that coexist in parallel, and tell their own stories with their own languages.

Camila Lobón will show  Epizootia, a collection of illustrations, memories and comments on the Cuban Revolution and its devastating effect on the Cuban island, while Nelson Jalil will exhibit his works from the series Memorias Selectivas, that combines of paintings and sculptures.

“With no intentional connection between the work of these three artists, there is a common background in the way each of them approach their critical, nostalgic, reflective, and even sordid views of the reality and origin they share. They are wandering artists who bring a common memory in their bags and expose it in a foreign territory but, at the same time, demand its appropriation” – we read in the curatorial statement of the Project.

The third artist that was invited to the project is Alejandro Taquechel.

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