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Hamlet Lavastida in Kyiv Biennial 2023

Hamlet Lavastida is one of the artists that have been invited to the fifth edition of the Kyiv Biennial that will take place in different European cities –  starting from Kyiv in October 2023 finishing in Berlin in 2024. This edition of the Biennial is realized in partnership with leading European institutions in the field of contemporary art and will be held under the title Against the Logic of War.

Kyiv Biennial is an international forum for art, knowledge, and politics that integrates exhibitions and discussion platforms established in 2015. It adopts an interdisciplinary perspective at the intersection of the humanities, socially engaged art, and political activism in order to reflect on the crucial issues of the contemporary world. The Biennial is organized by the Visual Culture Research Center.

The artwork Hamlet Lavastida will present comes from the series República Penitenciaria and will be exhibited in one of the venues in Vienna (Austria) between  October 17 to December 17, 2023.

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